Are you an animal lover wanting to

Deepen your Connection & Support Well-Being
with the Power of Touch?

Then, you are in the right place.

Hi, I am Megan Ayrault, and I'd love to share with you & your animal family the effective and easy to learn bodywork techniques that I've been using myself & teaching my students and clients, in-person and online, for over 15 years now.

  • Would you love to be able to ease your animals' aches and pains, slow aging, and more?
  • Think you can't, or won't have time to, develop your own "magic fingers"?
  • And as much as they do love "cookies" and other treats, would you love to also be able to offer a more profound connection and deeper wellness through Touch?

Supporting our animals' well-being is a lifelong passion and learning journey for me - I would love to share the highlights of that journey with you.

Whether you are new to bodywork, or a professional who always loves learning more, I'm here to support your continuing education as you develop your unique path, touch and talents.

You, too, can learn key insights in minutes, and have "magic fingers" to help your animals. (Hint, the "magic" is 90% in understanding some basics of how their bodies work, and in your mind when you have the right visualizations and approach!) Click on the button below to access the FREE training now!

Megan Ayrault
Bodywork Professional, Teaching Professional & Animal Lover

Firstly I want to say how much I have enjoyed the course I have been doing and will soon sign up for another one. You are an amazing teacher – so easy to understand and thanks to one of your videos I was able to detect that there was something wrong with one of the dogs at the [shelter] that I was massaging and he was subsequently sent off for tests and diagnosed.

Denise R

The one mare couldn’t lift her right hind more than a few inches for the shoer for any length of time and this week she had her foot up a good 12 inches and held it with no problem! … I think she was in constant discomfort and I didn’t know it but her eyes are softer, her body kinda radiates a bit of a glow if you know what I mean and she’s even waited at the gate for me a few mornings which she never did before….I love this program! The go at your own pace is perfect for me as life can get hectic and I don’t always get the weeks lesson done.

Dalyce M 

I am SO VERY excited that I signed up for this class. The information is incredible and I think the lessons are broken down in just the right amount. I also love the idea that I can watch (or read) something, go out and practice and then come back and rewatch the video again.What a wonderful resource to have.

Susan S