Your "Power of Touch Guide", Megan Ayrault

Bodywork Professional, Teacher, Animal Lover

Here's a short part of another video, sharing a little of my story....

What will YOUR story be with the Power of Touch for Animals?

I am Megan Ayrault, thanks for dropping by. I look forward to sharing with you what I've studied and experienced so far in my years providing and teaching bodywork and energywork. You already know how important touch is to animals. Imagine how much more you can help your dog, horse or other animal, with a little more awareness of what to do, how and when to do it, and what's happening in your animal's body when you do!

How we touch shows our beloved animals that we are seeking a harmonious connection with them, that we are listening and that we deeply care about their well-being. This is what drew me to animal massage over 15 years ago.

And how wonderful that we can help them with healing results at the same time!

​When I look back over my Path, I see that animal bodywork has a fun parallel with my previous life as a school teacher, which included traveling internationally teaching English as a second language. Now I teach ‘Touch as a second language’!

As you can see below from my journey year by year, my desire to learn led to exploring many aspects of the body – the hard layer (bone), the white layers (fascia, ligaments & tendons) and the red layer (muscles). And also very importantly, working with ‘non-physical’ energy aspects with Shiatsu, Acupressure, Reiki and more recently Zero Balancing training. Such amazing bodies our animals (and we) have, and soooo much fun to keep learning!

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Zero Balancing II (repeated); Sheila Lukasiewich

Zero Balancing: Freely Moveable Joints, Elizabeth Zenger

From some of Megan's online students....

Such a thrill to be able to connect with a dog who would otherwise be so hard to reach…

“Thank you so much, Megan! Your class has already been such a positive experience, and I am really just beginning! I started doing some massage on my dog when she developed arthritis at age 3 with a bad case of Lyme’s disease and anaplasmosis. Since then, whenever I saw an affordable workshop related to canine massage, I took it. For the past year I have volunteered with a rescue group, Animal Alliance, where I massage the dogs in their clinic weekly. Of curse that led to adopting more dogs, as I was immediately connecting deeply with each one that I massaged! This stuff can be dangerous ;). Seriously, though, it is such a thrill to be able to connect with a dog who would otherwise be so hard to reach due to a physical inability to play or to stress. And your class makes it at once so accessible AND so …. Complete? Serious? Formal? Deliberate? I’m afraid I don’t have the minutes available to think of the correct word, but it is WONDERFUL! And, of course, you are so likable on the videos – I almost feel like I am having a good friend over for tea when I hit “play”. So thank you!!! And I look forward to each and every installment, not to mention the extras!” ~Beth K.

Even her husband is benefiting!

“I am very overdue in expressing to you how much I have enjoyed this course! It has turned out to be so much more than I ever imagined.… You have shared so much information in a very manageable format. I particularly enjoyed being able to watch you work with the horses in the videos. That in itself really helped me develop a clearer intention in my bodywork, to be such a better listener with the horses I work with and taught me how to be patient and wait for the releases. I was amazed at how much just these things improved my practice. In addition, I have added many new techniques to my repertoire. … There is no way I could place a dollar value on how helpful the interviews were! … The information I have received through you really moved me to seek out ways to improve my own health and well-being…. I found a wonderful Chiropractor/Acupuncturist who has really helped me improve some issues I was having in my own body. After seeing the relief and progress I was experiencing, my husband has gone to this doctor as well! …. You have changed my practice, my horses’ lives, and my life for the better! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!” ~Cheryl D., CA

Something for everyone, even professionals. And her horses are loving it!

Thank you so so much for offering these classes. I am already a Certified Equine Bodyworker, but I feel you can always learn new things, and boy have I learned much from just the first video!! Everyone should take this course…. I just want to thank you (again) so much for offering this course!! I have been including your techniques in my massages and my horses ALL love them!!” ~Sharon W.

Thanks for the kind words!