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Help your Horse with The Power of Touch in Your Hands!

a FREE Video Series

with Animal Bodywork Expert Megan Ayrault

In this video series, Foundations of Touch for Connecting and Healing, I share with you the 2 foundational techniques of equine massage as a method for improving the physical and emotional health and wellness of your horse. With what I show you, you'll learn to "speak horse" with Touch!

If you want to help your horse feel better naturally, this free video series will enable you to:

• Calm nerves and build trust

• Enhance your horses’ physical and emotional wellness

• Offer vital support for an aging horse

• Improve the healing process for recovering from injuries

Discover how your Touch can communicate your love with healing results, while building a deep, harmonious connection with your horse(s).

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This is an exploration of the healing power and health benefits of some key touch techniques that I have been using and teaching for over 15 years, based on foundations of my training in animal massage, Acupressure, Reiki and more, all for enhanced connection and wellness.